Update 2017

Where am I? "Fin del mundo" or literally "the end of the world"
You may have noticed that my last post was a while back. No I haven't forgotten this website but yes I've been lazy. In 2017 I took a year off to do some further studies, some voluntary work and backpacking, mostly around Central and South America. I'm almost at the end of my year, and realising I've neglected this site, I'm committed to writing more posts and making this site more informative. I have discovered that my passion is not to blog about my travels (well maybe a little of that), or to give readers information about the best way to see a country or a city. What I really want is to do is to write about travel health topics, to explore common questions regarding travel health and to dispel any myths that may be floating around.

I know that while I've been travelling, I've often wondered about certain things and tried to google the answer. Eg is the tap water safe to drink here? There are only old cars/taxis on the road, if I take one, is it safer to sit in the front with a seatbelt or at the backseat which doesn't have a seatbelt? Is it more effective if I take the medicine for altitude sickness 2 days before I go to high altitude, or can I wait to see whether I get symptoms? If I want to try street food, what do I have to look for to reduce the chance of me getting sick? These may be things that you've wondered about too during your travels. I'm hoping that the future posts of this blog will attempt to answer some of these questions, as well as to explore other travel health topics. I'm happy to take suggestions too!

I will be back soon with more posts. But in the meantime, happy travels!

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