She wees standing up in the African bush

Our African overland tour involved long drives between destinations with limited toileting facilities. Even when a toilet was available, the hygiene was sub par - think dirty/ blocked/ overflowing toilet with its distinct odour. Eww! On top of that you often had to pay money to enjoy such facilities, no thank you!

For toileting stops on long drives, our bus often stopped on the side of the road. We each then went looking for a bush to hide behind to do our businesses; girls on one side of the road, guys on the other.

Enter female urination devices eg SheWee, Whiz freedom, pStyle, GoGirl plus many others. You gotta love those names!

They're designed to funnel the urine so ladies can pee while standing. I tried a whiz plus (older generation of whiz freedom) out while in Vietnam/Cambodia and also in Africa.

It definitely does work but I do suggest trying it out at home before you go. The key is to have it right against your skin so it doesn't leak. It is liberating to be able to pee while standing up. You can even leave your pants on most of the time, protecting your delicate bottom from the mosquitoes often found loitering in public toilets.

The company states that the plastic material will not retain moisture and therefore only needs a few shakes before it is dry for storage. I do like to rinse it under the tap before putting it away in a zip lock bag. 

The problem I found with using this device in the African bush? It was difficult to find a lush enough bush that is tall enough to hide yourself while standing. Tour mates may look at you funny if they catch you relieving yourself while standing. Also once while I was in a hurry to get back to the bus, I did not have it sealed right against my skin thereby causing a leak and a wet spot. It was not the best look. When there is time pressure, I found it just easier and faster to drop my pants and do my thing, and get back onto the bus before it drives off.

But when there is no time pressure in the bush or during hikes, or for dirty public toilets? This was perfect. It also worked fantastically for show and tell over a few drinks with fellow tour mates. I now always carry one of these in my bag when I travel, and I always find it comes in handy in unexpected situations.


  1. Used one and definitely think they are handy to have when trekking outdoors - better than a bunch of mosquito bites (or worse!) on your bum!

    1. Yes exactly! It's definitely handy to carry when travelling.